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高二数学常识点演绎总结 高二英语怎样学能力进步?
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  1. the ancient Olympic Games. 现代奥运会。

  2. compete in …compete with other countries for world market. 与其它国度竞争国内市场。

  compete in a race. 参与竞走。

  compete with [against] sb. for sth. 与或人竞争而取得某物。

  Our Greek cities used to compete against each other just for the honour of winning.咱们希腊各个都会之间已经为了荣誉而彼此之间互相竞争。

  3. take part in. 参与。

  We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted.

  咱们各人都患上参与跑步训练, 无人破例。

  4. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? 奥运旗号上的五环代表甚么?

  stand for. 代表;示意;主张;支持;反对;容忍;容许。

  What does "ESL" stand for? "ESL"代表甚么?

  I won't stand for his insults any longer. 我再不克不及容忍他的污辱了。

  5. the official mascots for the Beijing Olympics.北京奥运会不祥物。

  Fuwa,the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carry a message of friendship ,peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world.


  6. come on a magical journey.进行一次魔幻旅行。

  come on .(表劝告,激励等)来吧,走吧;开端。

  His French has come on a lot since he joined the conversation class.


  7. (a) volunteer for. (……意愿者)意愿做……。

  Don't volunteer for more than you can handle. 别做力不克不及及的事件。

  I want to be a volunteer for 2008 Beijing Olympics.


  8. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and used to write about the Olympics a long time ago. 我生存正在你们所说的“古希腊”,我已经写过很久之前奥林匹克静止会的状况。

  We used to keep in touch with each other by writing letters.咱们过来常写信联络对方。

  I am used to reading stories to my daughter every night and she enjoys it.我习气了天天给女儿讲故事,她也十分喜爱这样做。

  Wood can be used to make furniture. 木头能用来做家具。

  There used to be a temple at the place where our school stands now.正在咱们黉舍所正在的地方过来有一座庙。

  9. …and both are held every four years on a regular basis. 两个都是活期每一四年举办一次。

  on a regular basis. 活期地。

  He comes to visit us on a regular basis.他活期来探访咱们。

  10. Only atheletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. 只有达到他们各自名目对立规范的静止员才会被承受参见奥运会。

  I am sure that he will be admitted to Beijing University this su妹妹er. 我一定他往年炎天将被北京年夜学登科。

  This ticket admits two people to the football match. 这张票可供两人入场看足球赛。

  The cinema admits about 2000 people.这座片子院约莫可坐 2000 人。

  The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation.这些规章轨制没有允许有其余诠释。

  His illness admits of no delay.他的病没有容迟延。

  He never admits that he is wrong. 他从没有抵赖本人错了。

  John has admitted breaking the window. 约翰已抵赖打坏了窗子。

  11. It is in the Su妹妹er Olympics that you have the running races, together with swi妹妹ing, sailing, and all the team sports.跑步、游泳、荡舟以及一切团队名目是正在冬季奥运会上进行的。

  12. No other counries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 此外国度不克不及参与,奴隶以及主妇也不克不及参与。

  13. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics…主妇不只容许参与,并且她们还正在体操较量名目中起着十分首要的作用。

  14. as well.也;又;一样。

  as well as.(除了...以外)也,既...又。

  conj. 和,又

  I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well.


  A teacher should entertain as well as teach.老师不只要教书,也要激发先生的兴味。

  15 There is as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals.国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟抢夺奥运奖牌同样地强烈。

  16. So even the olive wreath has been replaced. 就连橄榄枝花环也被庖代了。

  David will replace Mike in next week’s tennis competition. 年夜卫将替代迈克参与下周的网球赛。

  The broken parts of the machine must be replaced, otherwise we can’t continue our work. 这些侵害的机械部件必需患上换,不然咱们无奈持续工作。

  I have owned my car for almost ten years. This year I’ll replace it with a new one. 我的汽车用了差没有多十年了,往年我要换一辆新车。

  Would you replace the magazine after reading it? 读完杂志后把它放回原处好么?

  17. Put forward your ideas and give reasons for your choice. 提出你的观念并给出你抉择的缘由。put forward 呈上;提出;提前;拨快(钟表)

  Two advices of design are put.


  The reason for this is that this plane is also a bicycle. 其缘由是,这架飞机又是一辆自行车。

  reason with sb. for [against] sth.


  reason sb. out of his prejudice.压服或人消弭偏见。

  reason sb. into accepting a proposal.压服或人承受倡议。

  18. be in/under sb’s charge.由或人担任。

  in charge of 担任

  These books were left in your charge. 这些书由你治理。

  The chief engineer was in charge of directing the building of the subway. 主任工程师担任指挥地铁的建造工程。

  I was in charge of my sister. 我正在照看我mm。

  This ward is in [under]the charge of Dr Green. 这间病房是由格林医生担任的。

  How much did he charge you for repairing the bicycle? 他修缮自行车收了你几何钱?

  Do you charge for the use of the office telephone at off-duty time? 上班工夫打办公德律风你们收没有免费?

  The boy charged into the room. 男孩冲进屋里。

  Suddenly the wild animal charged at us. 忽然那头野兽朝咱们冲过去。

  Those young men were charged by the police with causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood.


  She charged me to look after her daughter. 她要我担任照管她的女儿。

  19. physical exercise.体育锤炼。

  Physical fitness is having a strong healthy body. 身材衰弱就是有一个健壮衰弱的身材。

  physical change.物理变动。

  physical educatio.体育。

  20. rise to one’s feet.站起来,立起。








  4、提前预习,无的放矢 作为先生,正在每一次上课前,都要对要学的课文提前预习。


  5、当真听课,踊跃合营 讲堂是教师与先生一同学习、把握、运用常识的次要场合。


  6、实现功课,找出成绩 学完每一一课,要当真实现课后功课。

  造作业时肯定没有要看参考书上题的谜底,做完后再对谜底,关于功课中所呈现的没有明确的成绩,应该记上去,等下次上课时提进去。造作业是英语学习的很首要的环节,它是消化常识以及强固常识的进程,肯定要当真实现规则的功课,笔头功课要动一动笔,口头功课要动一动嘴,进步听力要练一练耳,课文正在听以及读的根底上,最佳背诵某些精彩段落。总之,要做年夜量的操练,英语是练进去的, 肯定没有要偷懒。





  咱们都晓得,语文作文审题正确长短常首要的,对命题作文必需当真审题,对自在作文必需立美意。文章要有明白的主题,必需具有四个前提:精确、显明、粗浅、集中。例如"The English Teacher I Admire Most",文章的主题是对于写我最钦佩的一名英语教师,不克不及仅仅议论教师这一职业或本人的几位教师。其实,英语亦是如斯。这就需求咱们正在动笔写作以前肯定要当真审题,细心剖析咱们写的次要内容是甚么,万不成草草看题就抓本人以为的要害词乱写一通。如斯,不管详细写的怎样样,但总体标的目的肯定是对的,没有至于呈现偏偏题或跑题的景象,最少根底分数是能够失去的。










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